Huizache Reposado® - Jahrgang 2014 - Organic Tequila

38% Alc. 750ml 


- authentischer 100 % Agave Tequila aus nachhaltiger organischer Landwirtschaft


- Ohne Zusatzstoffe, ohne Aromatisierung


- Exquisiter Small Batch aus französischer Steineiche Jahrgang 2014


- limitierte und exklusive Produktion


- Produktionsjahre: 2011 und 2013/14 

- Doppel-Gold Gewinner 2013 und Silber Medaille 2014 auf der World Spirits Competition in San Francisco


Internationale Sommelier Beschreibung: 

Huizache Reposado (Aged)® is a crystalline Premium tequila with a luminous golden hue and a medium body. Its aroma is reminiscent of conserved fruits, peaches and cherries, of sweet agave, with hints of vanilla, caramel, white chocolate and nuts. It has zests of spices, anise seed, cinnamon, crystalized orange and grapefruits. The flavours are perfectly balanced between the fruit of the distillation and it´s aging in white and holm oak barrels. Its taste is of great intensity, leaving traces of grapefruit, cooked agave, caramel and vanilla, of lasting permanence and a delicate bitter aftertaste. It is exclusively produced with the finest Tequilana Weber blue agaves, selected and harvested at their optimal maturity. Huizache Reposado (Aged)® is best enjoyed straight, ideally at a 16 ºC temperature


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77,20 € / L
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