Huizache Blanco® - Jahrgang 2013 - Organic Tequila

40% Alc. 750ml

- authentischer 100 % Agave Tequila aus nachhaltiger organischer Landwirtschaft

- Ohne Zusatzstoffe, ohne Aromatisierung (das ist einzigartig auf dem Weltmarkt)


- Einer der am meisten ausgezeichneten Blanco Tequila der Welt auf der World Spirits


- Produktionsjahre: 2010 und 2013


Internationale Sommelier Beschreibung:
Huizache Blanco (Silver)® is a crystalline Premium tequila, with a luminous silver hue and medium body. It evokes cooked agave and caramel aromas that blend with touches of apple, grapefruit and lime, and herbal hints of fresh mint, green olive, and spices of black pepper. It is perfectly balanced both in aroma and taste, the latter of which is intense, and leaves traces of cooked agave, grapefruit, olive, and pepper. It has a lasting and pleasant bitter aftertaste. It is exclusively produced with the finest Tequilana Weber blue agaves, selected and harvested in their optimal maturity. Huizache Blanco (Silver)® can be enjoyed straight, ideally at a 16 ºC temperature, or mixed, to create a vast array of high quality cocktails.

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